‘Pro-Russian’ as a Negative Marker

Moscow Kremlin

Pro-Russian‘ is not a ‘neutral’ term. It is a negative marker in the (current) Western master discourse of Russia. It’s an ‘evil twin‘ of a positive marker, i.e. ‘pro-Western‘. The root of the word ‘pro-Russian’ (‘Russia’) is itself a logoepisteme 

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Worldview of a Xenopatriot

Worldview of a Xenopatriot

I’ve just found a picture [this is my edit of Patriot’s version below] illustrating the views expressed on this blog: the West and Russia are the ideal Other for each other. It’s a mirror thing: be it ‘Russian reversals‘, ‘whataboutism‘ or ‘Russian/Western propaganda‘, etc.

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The Importance of Being Honest (Notes on Russian Cultural Identity & Moral Superiority)

Steve Jobs lubok style

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength (George Orwell).


A liar should have a long a memory (English proverb).


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