The Battle of Volgograd? Some Thoughts on Terrorist Attacks in Volgograd.

Imagine a stone as big a great house; it hangs and you are under it; if it falls on you, on your head, will it hurt you?”

“A stone as big as a house? Of course it would be fearful.”

“I speak not of fear. Will it hurt?”

“A stone as big as a mountain, weighing millions of tons? Of course it wouldn’t hurt.”

“But really stand there and while it hangs you will fear very much that it will hurt. The most learned man, the greatest doctor, all, all will be very much frightened. Everyone will know that it won’t hurt, and everyone will be afraid that it will hurt.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Besy (Demons).

When the first terrorist attack in Volgograd happened on October 21, 2013, I wrote a post about it in which I noted that death (especially in the form of terrorist act) became the ultimate show. Terrorist act is the final form of ‘acting’: acting not with facial expressions and intonation but with blood and human lives. Continue reading “The Battle of Volgograd? Some Thoughts on Terrorist Attacks in Volgograd.”

Watch Live: Death as a Show!

Blue Screen of Death as a Show

I was writing a post when my old laptop showed me a blue screen (sic!) and reboot started. After it was finished and I connected to the Internet I found out that a terrorist act happened in Volgograd. It happened again. People are dead. Why am I writing this? First of all, to express condolences to the families of the victims… As if they are interested in my words in a foreign language right now. Empathy is very important for us as human beings but when somebody dies, no one can do anything about it, thus formulaic expressions and social rituals are left for us as markers of our ‘humaneness’. I may sound cynical but this ‘cynicism’ is a defense reaction. Continue reading “Watch Live: Death as a Show!”