Russian Word of the Day: Kholod


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Moscow in January


I took these photos in the centre of Moscow yesterday. I’m not a fan of huge crowds but I wanted to go there to see the decorations. It was -16°C but due to lack of snow it felt even colder. My hand started loosing its sensitivity without a glove. Thus, the photos are far from being perfect.
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#FirstApril Joke by Winter

1 April is coming

Winter has a sense of humour of its own.

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#RussianFridays: Day 4. The Sound of Lake #Baikal.

Lake Baikal in winter
Lake Baikal in winter
Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. It is 25 million years (!) old. The sound of Baikal ice brought to you by the Russian percussion ensemble “Ethnobeat”.

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