Pokemon No!


When your ego is as big as that of Bono,

You can’t hide it in a jacket or kimono.

Everybody’s hooked on your persona

So rebellious, you say: ‘Pokemon no!’.

Ivan Krylov’s Fable “The Dragonfly & the Ant” (1808)

Georgiy Narbut - Illustration to Ivan Krylov's fable "The Ant & the Dragonfly" (1912).
Georgiy Narbut – Illustration to Ivan Krylov’s fable “The Ant & the Dragonfly” (1912).
In the summer’s gaily singing,
Of the future isn’t thinking,
But the winter’s nearby.

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#JeSuisDonbass (Poem)

Je Suis Donbass

Es-tu Charlie? Je suis Donbass!
I am the dead men in burnt bus,
I am the house turned to dust.
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