Near the Bolshoi Theatre


Near the Bolshoi Theatre
Near the Bolshoi Theatre

I do realize that your social media news feeds are overwhelmed with the year results and still I wrote this. The photos of pre-HNY St Petersburg and Moscow are included to ease the pain. Continue reading “Reflection”

Moscow in January


I took these photos in the centre of Moscow yesterday. I’m not a fan of huge crowds but I wanted to go there to see the decorations. It was -16°C but due to lack of snow it felt even colder. My hand started loosing its sensitivity without a glove. Thus, the photos are far from being perfect.
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S Novym Godom!

The view from my window

I woke up today. It’s sunny, cold (around – 15 °C), snowy & cloudy in Moscow. The winter has come. Finally! There was no snow & it was around +5°C (or even more) degrees recently. In DECEMBER! But just before the New Year zima returned to Moscow.
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Novy God! New Year in Russia… & Old New Year.

The celebration of Novy God (Новый год, i.e. New Year) in Russia has a deep cultural, historical and political dimension behind it.

Happy New Year 2014 RussiaBefore the 16th century in Rus’ (ancient Russia) March was considered as the first month of the year (like in ancient Rome). After 7000 AM (Year After Creation, i.e. 1492 AD) the tradition of celebrating New Year in September (like in Byzantium) set in. Continue reading “Novy God! New Year in Russia… & Old New Year.”