С Новым годом! Happy New #Year2015!

Moscow Kremlin

My summary of the year 2014 was far from being positive, and I really feel there’s a huge need for global changes. The more people start realizing it, the better. I hope my little blog helps a bit in terms of questioning, if not reshaping, the mainstream ‘Western’ discourse of ‘Russia’ at least for those who want to hear the ‘Russian voice’. Continue reading “С Новым годом! Happy New #Year2015!”

Novy God! New Year in Russia… & Old New Year.

The celebration of Novy God (Новый год, i.e. New Year) in Russia has a deep cultural, historical and political dimension behind it.

Happy New Year 2014 RussiaBefore the 16th century in Rus’ (ancient Russia) March was considered as the first month of the year (like in ancient Rome). After 7000 AM (Year After Creation, i.e. 1492 AD) the tradition of celebrating New Year in September (like in Byzantium) set in. Continue reading “Novy God! New Year in Russia… & Old New Year.”