Theodor Bastard

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The Fall Has Fallen Upon Us All

10 °C in Moscow. The Fall has fallen upon us all. Thus, it’s time for a very popular Russian song about autumn – (Что такое) осень (Chto takoye osen’, lit. what is autumn). It was written in September 1991 and the video was shot in October.

Voice of the Russian Jilted Generation

The Politics of Music & the Music of Politics.

Track №1: “The Turbulent 90s”.
Voice of the Russian Jilted Generation
Voice of the Russian Jilted Generation
Note from the Narrator: this post is a perfect example of dangerous and misleading Russian propaganda and should be read with a tin foil hat on. It demonizes the glorious years of the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin who will be remembered forever.
Glory to democracy!
Glory to the ultraliberal heroes!
Comment from Captain Obviov: many things obvious to Russians are often seen as some sort of 'KGB propaganda' by Westerners. They don't trust those Russians who challenge their knowledge of 'what Russia is' and tend to believe Russia's yes men instead, who are experts in caressing Westerners' confirmation bias and ushanka syndrome.

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#Cranberry Fields Forever (The Sounds of Positive #Klyukvification)

Cranberry (Klyukva)
Cranberry Fields Forever

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