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The Yin-Yang of Russian/American Post-propaganda

Russia & the West.

Pt. XII: The Yin-Yang of Russian/American Post-propaganda.

Russia America

The difference between the Russian and American media is as follows: the legacy media in Russia is based on (self-)censorship while the MSM in the US is centered around the narrative. Both of these entities are mutually dependent and there is no particular border between them. (Self-)censorship is the ultimate narrative of the Russian media, likewise, the main narrative in the States is (self-)censorship. Obviously, these two represent a classic example of lies by omission: they are seldom mentioned in the 24-hour news cycle or their role and prevalence are denied at best.

Don’t be tricked by the various manifestations of (self-)censorship/narrative: ‘traditional values’ or ‘progressive values’, ‘article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code’ or ‘political correctness’. Differences are of a superficial nature only, because the goal of (self-)censorship/narrative is to bring society to one common denominator, establishing control through the dictate of societal norms. This applies not only to the media but way beyond.

The post-propaganda world is a post-proof and post-fact-check realm. What doesn’t fall in line with the narrative is cut off via (self-)censorship. That’s why we see speakers and hear discussions that help to reinforce the given narrative: TV-screen Russians in the US and American whipping boys in Russian political TV shows. Furthermore, the mere term ‘Russian‘ or ‘American’ is positioned/perceived as a negative marker even without explicit demonization due to the current climate in the American/Russian media. A common person is buried under the snowslide of (counter)propaganda because of the impossibility to verify the presented information, distracting details of the developing story and lack of expertise in the specific fields. The infotainment industry gives clear ready-made answers and untangles the deadlock of contradicting discourses.

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#RussianSaying: Lie, but Don’t Overdo It!

Vasya Lozhkin - Svin-TV (literally: Pig-TV). Caption says: Coming up in the programme today: invisible rays, voices from space, electrohypnotists and other miracles.
Vasya Lozhkin – Svin-TV (literally: Pig-TV). Caption says: Coming up in the programme today: invisible rays, voices from space, electrohypnotists and other miracles.

Ври, да не завирайся

(vri, da ne zaviráisya).

Lie, but don’t overdo it.


Gas Pipe Dreams Holy Media Crusade

Russia & the West.

Pt. VI: Gas Pipe Dreams Holy Media Crusade

Some thoughts after reading another analytical piece on Russia: there are some repetitive motives which I’ve noticed in the Western Russia discourse. I’m on my tourist trip to Veliky Novgorod now, so I’ve decided to publish a quick update on one of this ‘cornerstones’.
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Media Economy of Death, or #RussianLivesMatter too

Paris Attacks
Paris Attacks

…Other horrible news. Now from France. The Paris attacks brought memories of the Nord-Ost tragedy in Moscow… Continue reading “Media Economy of Death, or #RussianLivesMatter too”

Post-world: The Meaning of the End of Meaning

Post-world (Vacuum of Meaning), 2015.
Post-world (Vacuum of Meaning), 2015.

[Part 1]

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