Today is the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. Regardless of your political predilections, there’s no arguing about the significance of this event for Russian and world history alike. The striking disparity between its importance and the status of the anniversary in Russia is obvious: just an exhibition here, a procession there – and that’s it. An explanation of this quietness by the-authorities-want-to-suppress-the-celebration-of-muh-revolyutsiya is too lazy to debunk. If the memory and ideas of bolsheviks had any real popular support, no ‘cosmonauts’ (i.e. police in riot gear) would stop the masses from expressing their love for free commie stuff. Once there was a revolution… but there’s none now.

Yet, there are foreigners buying ‘Soviet’ badges, mugs and T-shirts along with matryoshkas and ushankas, and taking photos with a Lenin cosplayer for money.

Lenin is more alive than all the living! Lenin is a mushroom brand!

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Comme un Isme

Ain't no other party like a commie party!
Ain’t No Other Party Like a Commie Party, or What’s Left For the Left.

I posted some photos which I took in Ulyanovsk (ex-Simbirsk). I stayed there for almost a month. Continue reading “Comme un Isme”

The 7th of November

Vitaly Komar - Lenin With Crown.
Vitaly Komar – Lenin with Crown.

Remember, remember!

The 7th of November, Continue reading “The 7th of November”