Russo… Files

Masha and the Bear

I’ve received a comment on my post “Russophilia & Russophobia…“:

...I would just state that perhaps there is no such esoteric notion of a 'Russian Mystery' in the minds of many 'Russophiles' [sic! - S.A.] who are rather urged by a sense of moral duty where they see oppression. [...]

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Klyukva State of Mind

Bear Scare
Bear Scare

…Actually, klyukva transcends just ‘stereotypes’. I can write a series of posts, a book, a series of books devoted to different klyukva varieties. But it’s ‘deeper than that’. Continue reading “Klyukva State of Mind”

#Cranberry Fields Forever (The Sounds of Positive #Klyukvification)

Cranberry (Klyukva)
Cranberry Fields Forever

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Vatnik Reclaimed

Vatnik Incorporated
Vatnik Inc.

The “vatniks running Twitter.

Rejoice, aye, “Putin’s horde“!

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