Inside the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (Pt. 1)

Saint Isaac's Cathedral (1818-1858).
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (1818-1858).

Some photos which I took inside the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral on my latest trip to Saint Petersburg. It’s even more beautiful when you see it in reality.

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“The Flight” (1970) – classic film based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s works

Film still from "The Flight" (1970) based on Mikhail Bulgakov's play
Film still from “The Flight” (1970) based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s works

“The Flight” (Бег, Beg) – a brilliant film based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s play under the same name and some other works (“The White Guard” and “Black Sea”) devoted to the Civil War in Russia, the flight of the White Army from Crimea and life of Russian emigration in Istanbul and Paris.
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Russian Dali of German Descent? Exhibition: “The Mythmaking of Maks Haase”.

Exhibition of the Russian painter of German descent Maks Haase (1938-1998) took place in Moscow at the end of January/beginning of February at Kino Gallery. Besides paintings, the exhibition included the so-called ‘goreliens‘ (made of wool and acrylic) – Haase derived this word by combining the words ‘gorelief’ (‘high relief’ in Russian) + ‘gobelen’ (tapestry). Due to Haase’s strong interest in the unconscious, mythology, archetypes, etc., which was reflected in his works, and some similarities in his artistic manner with that of Salvador Dali I heard several people label him as the Russian Dali. Do you agree with this statement?

The Peoples Friendship Fountain.

The Peoples Friendship Fountain (1951-54) at All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh), Moscow. 16 golden sculptures represent republics of the Soviet Union: the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukrainian SSR), the Uzbek SSR, the Georgian SSR, the Lithuanian SSR, the Latvian SSR, the Tajik SSR, the Turkmen SSR, the Karelo-Finnish SSR, the Estonian SSR, the Armenian SSR, the Moldavian SSR, the Kirghiz (Kyrgyz ) SSR, the Azerbaijan SSR, the Kazakh SSR & the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus (Byelorussian SSR).  The project of the fountain by architects K. Topuridze & G. Konstantinovsky.

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

The sculpture Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa) by Vera Mukhina, 1937. The concept by Boris Iofan.