Yaroslavl in the Evening



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Voskresensky Cathedral

Voskresensky Cathedral in Tutaev, Yaroslavl region (1652-1678). Continue reading “Voskresensky Cathedral”

#Russia: Drone Captures Majesty of Worker & Kolkhoz Woman Statue

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The Peoples Friendship Fountain.

The Peoples Friendship Fountain (1951-54) at All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VDNKh), Moscow. 16 golden sculptures represent republics of the Soviet Union: the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukrainian SSR), the Uzbek SSR, the Georgian SSR, the Lithuanian SSR, the Latvian SSR, the Tajik SSR, the Turkmen SSR, the Karelo-Finnish SSR, the Estonian SSR, the Armenian SSR, the Moldavian SSR, the Kirghiz (Kyrgyz ) SSR, the Azerbaijan SSR, the Kazakh SSR & the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus (Byelorussian SSR).  The project of the fountain by architects K. Topuridze & G. Konstantinovsky.

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

The sculpture Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa) by Vera Mukhina, 1937. The concept by Boris Iofan.