Russian Stereotypes

Russian Stereotypes and RussophobiaЯussiaи Stereotypes:

I. Russian Stereotypes: Western Perception of Russia as Seen Through Russian’s Eyes.

II. Representation of Russia(ns) in Western Popular Culture: Klyukvification & Russian Character Types.

III. Through the Looking Glass: Western Media Coverage of Russia.

1. Ushanka Syndrome, Sochi Problems & Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

2. Quasi-Colonial Wet Dreams: The Pussy Riot Effect, TV Screen Russians & Orientalization.

3. Fire the Narrator: Quasi-Colonial Nightmare, Russian Double Consciousness & Russocentric Optics.

Klyukvification (Cranberrization)


  1. Russia as the Ideal Other for the West.

  2. Russophobia: The Discreet Charm of Cultural Racism & the Legacy of Hate.

  3. Stealth Russians, or the Western Media Blind Spot.

  4. Image of a Typical Russian Man in Western Popular Culture.

  5. Dostoyevsky Is the Limit?!

  6. Lost in Poshlost.

  7. “O Titushka, Where Art Thou?” (A Poem On the Death of the Term Titushka).

  8. Vatnik Reclaimed.

  9. Cranberry Fields Forever (The Sounds of Positive Klyukvification).

  10. Worldview of a Xenopatriot.

  11. Russian Recursion.

  12. ‘Pro-Russian’ as a Negative Marker.

  13. Voices from Around the Globe.

  14. The Afterglow after Afterparty (The Quasi-Colonial Suite).

  15. The Horns Effect & the Western Grand Narrative of Russia.

  16. Klyukva State of Mind.

  17. Russophilia & Russophobia: Between Scylla & Charybdis.

  18. Russo… Files.

  19. I Am a Kremlin Troll.

  20. The ‘Western Cunning Plan’ (in Russia) & the ‘Russian Cunning Plan’ (in the West).

  21. The Russian Question.

  22. Klyukva Never Dies.

Author: Sergey A. Armeyskov, Candidate of Sciences in Culturology (≈ PhD in Cultural Studies). Follow me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
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