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Russkies in the Sky with Diamonds

PCP (Putin's Cunning Plan)
PCP (Putin’s Cunning Plan)

The Russian Colonial Office approves of America’s mental colonization.

We come in peace! We just want your democracy!

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The Mystery of #Covfefe

Danila Trumpov is running his mouth. We need to take care of the situation, если вы понимаете о чём я… 🕵

Cargo Cult of Personality & Reverse Cultural Appropriation of The Donald

The Cargo Donald
The Cargo Donald

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RF Universe: The Path of Inlavan (Introduction)

The Path of Inlavan

The tale is a lie but there’s a hint in it, a lesson for fine lads. Alexander Pushkin, “The Tale of Golden Cockerel” (1835).

The Path of Inlavan (Introduction)

Welcome to the RF Universe!

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