Russian Proverbs & Sayings

Russian Language

  1. There Is No Truth in Legs.

  2. Proverbs With the Word ‘Nos[e]’.

  3. Russian Saying About Death… and Life.

  4. To Live Life Is Not to Cross a Field.

  5. Written by Pitchfork on the Water.

  6. Who is Mr. Medved’? Russian Proverbs about Bear.

  7. Spoken Word ≠ Sparrow & Tongue = Enemy.

  8. One Cannot Command One’s Heart.

  9. To Go to Tula with Your Own Samovar.

  10. A Tomtit in the Hands is Better than a Crane in the Sky.

  11. A Bird Is Known by Its Flight.

  12. Fear Has Big Eyes.

  13. It’s Better to See Once than to Hear a Hundred Times.

  14. The Job is Afraid of a Good Worker.

  15. To Wait for the Good Weather by the Sea.

  16. What the Eyes Fear, the Hands Do.

  17. If You Want to Live, You Should Be Able to Spin.

  18.  Russian Proverbs about Fish(ing).

  19. Patience & Labor Will Grind Everything.

  20. Russian Proverbs about Bliny & Maslenitsa.

  21. Don’t Wake Likho Up while It’s Quiet.

  22. Morning Is Wiser than Evening.

  23. Do Not Saw Off the Branch You Are Sitting On.

  24. Rusian Saying on March.

  25. Horseradish Is No Sweeter than Radish.

  26. Feel at Home, but Don’t Forget You Are a Guest.

  27. Lie, but Don’t Overdo It!

  28. If You Do Something in a Hurry, People Will Laugh at You.

  29. He Who Drives Forth, Draws Luck.

Any ideas?

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