The Cold Summer of 2017

Global warming? Looks like global cooling to me.

Mayember was also rather telling.

Lev Termen Plays the Termenvox

Lev Termen plays termenvox
Lev Termen plays termenvox

Russian inventor Lev Termen (Léon Theremin) of French/German descent who in 1920 created termenvox (aka theremin) among other things, plays the instrument:

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The Fall Has Fallen Upon Us All

10 °C in Moscow. The Fall has fallen upon us all. Thus, it’s time for a very popular Russian song about autumn – (Что такое) осень (Chto takoye osen’, lit. what is autumn). It was written in September 1991 and the video was shot in October.

The Afterglow after Afterparty (The Quasi-Colonial Suite)

The Politics of Music & the Music of Politics.

Track №3: “The Afterglow after Afterparty”.

Acid Yeltsin
Acid Yeltsin

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#Russia: Drone Captures Majesty of Worker & Kolkhoz Woman Statue

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