The Fall Has Fallen Upon Us All

10 °C in Moscow. The Fall has fallen upon us all. Thus, it’s time for a very popular Russian song about autumn – (Что такое) осень (Chto takoye osen’, lit. what is autumn). It was written in September 1991 and the video was shot in October.

Melodiya Ensemble

Nice jazz-funk from the 1970s.

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Happy 868th Birthday, Moscow!

Apollinary Vasnetsov — Moscow Kremlin, 1897.
Apollinary Vasnetsov — Moscow Kremlin, 1897.

The Afterglow after Afterparty (The Quasi-Colonial Suite)

The Politics of Music & the Music of Politics.

Track №3: “The Afterglow after Afterparty”.

Acid Yeltsin
Acid Yeltsin

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Happy Orthodox Easter!

Христос Воскресе!

Christ is Risen!

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