Party-maker (Bayan Cover)

Alexander Seleznyov - Postmodernity, go f*ck yourself.
Alexander Seleznyov – Postmodernity, go f*ck yourself.

The interesting thing about contemporary popular culture is that a copy is pretty often better than the original. That’s the case of the memetic rap/electronic hit song by a popular Russian rapper Pika titled ‘Party-maker’ (Патимейкер). This based bayan cover makes it just so much better! As the Russian saying goes, ‘makes a candy out of sh*t’ (i.e. makes something good out of something bad). Continue reading “Party-maker (Bayan Cover)”


Pokemon No!


When your ego is as big as that of Bono,

You can’t hide it in a jacket or kimono.

Everybody’s hooked on your persona

So rebellious, you say: ‘Pokemon no!’.

#FirstApril Joke by Winter

1 April is coming

Winter has a sense of humour of its own.

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