EUrasia 2003

EUrasia 2003

Caption says:

EVROPA [Europe]

(European Union’s Magazine)

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Monument to Alexander II of Russia



Inside the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (Pt. 1)

Saint Isaac's Cathedral (1818-1858).
Saint Isaac’s Cathedral (1818-1858).

Some photos which I took inside the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral on my latest trip to Saint Petersburg. It’s even more beautiful when you see it in reality.

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Monument to Alexander Suvorov (1801)

Monument to Alexander Suvorov by Mikhail Kozlovsky in Saint Petersburg

Monument to Alexander Suvorov (1730-1800) in Saint Petersburg by Mikhail Kozlovsky. Caption says: Prince of Italy, Count Suvorov of Rymnik, 1801.

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Миронов Павел Андреевич (Mironov Pavel Andreyevich)

Mironov Pavel Andreyevich

Миронов Павел Андреевич


My grandfather Mironov Pavel Andreyevich.

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