Ooh look! I ‘ave… Ulyukayev

Aviasales.ru viral marketing ad: literally – One who was in time, didn’t sit down [to sit (down) here means ‘go to jail’]. [Tickets to] London, Munich, Riga, Milan, Prague from 75 euros. Caption says: When you didn’t have time to buy tickets to London.

The Telegraph:

Mr Ulyukayev, 60, is the highest-ranking Russian official to be arrested while in office since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the only serving minister since Lavrenty Beria, Stalin’s feared secret police chief, was detained and shot in a power struggle following the dictator’s death in 1953.

Officers from the Investigative Committee, the country’s top detective agency, and the Federal Security Service, the successor to the KGB, swooped on Mr Ulyukayev at 2:30 AM on Tuesday.


The judge placed Mr Ulyukayev under house arrest and ordered him to wear an electronic tag after officials from the Investigative Committee argued he was a flight risk.

Mr Putin dismissed Mr Ulyukayev in a decree published late on Tuesday, citing “loss of confidence”.

Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Mr Putin had been informed about the case when the investigation was launched. “These are serious allegations,” Peskov said. “Only a court can deliver a verdict.”

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Russophilia & Russophobia: Between Scylla & Charybdis

Russophilia & Russophobia
Russophilia & Russophobia

Caution! If you are a Russophile or a Russophobe (or anything in between including crypto-Russophiles and latent Russophobes) this post may cause severe cases of Russophilophilia, Russophobophobia, Russophilophobia, Russophobophilia, etc (separately or any combinations of the above).

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Post-world: The Meaning of the End of Meaning

Post-world (Vacuum of Meaning), 2015.
Post-world (Vacuum of Meaning), 2015.

[Part 1]

Classic postmodernism cheered the end of metanarratives and started recycling the cultural heritage of previous epochs. In a post-postmodern world (post-world) the recycling of what has already been recycled is going on. Continue reading “Post-world: The Meaning of the End of Meaning”

We All Live In a Mellow Saccharine Submarine

Heroine Dreams of Poppy Knight Mares
“Heroine Dreams of Poppy Knight Mares”, 2015.
Saccharin is an artificial sweetener with effectively no food energy which is about 300–400 times as sweet as sucrose or table sugar, but has a bitter or metallic aftertaste, especially at high concentrations. It is used to sweeten products such as drinks, candies, cookies, medicines, and toothpaste. Saccharin derives its name from the word "saccharine", meaning "sugary". The word saccharine is used metaphorically, often in a derogative sense, to describe something "unpleasantly over-polite" or "overly sweet" (Wikipedia).

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Lost in Poshlost (Intro)

Klyukvification (Cranberrization) gif
Klyukvification (Cranberrization)

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