joke is circulating in the Russosphere:

As Sergey Kislyak walks through the streets of Washington after work they get empty. He calls: “People! People, where are you?”. But silence is the answer.

Twitter Poll on #Brexit


To be honest, I was surprised by the results of the referendum. I thought the overall vote would be slightly in favour of staying in the EU. So how do you feel about these results? I’ve created a Twitter poll, so please vote here: Continue reading “Twitter Poll on #Brexit”

#Poll: Who Is Mr. #Snowden?

Snowden bust

While Snowden is snowed in at his snow den in Russia, his bust is was installed in NYCSo here’s the question: who is Mr. Snowden in your opinion?

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#Year2014: 10 Crucial Points of the Year & a Poll

Year 2014 summary

As for me, the motto of this year could be: partying with illusions.

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#Poll: Generalized Images of Russian Women in the West

Boris Kustodiev - The Merchant's Wife (1918).
Boris Kustodiev – The Merchant’s Wife (1918).


In Russia everything is secret yet there are no secrets.

Catherine the Great (1729-1796). Continue reading “#Poll: Generalized Images of Russian Women in the West”