#BREAKING: Stalin’s Back!

Stalin Is Back

This time the Reds Ruskies crossed the Rubicon Red line! The Russian aggression is now on a whole different level.

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Anniversaries: A Singer & a Writer (Fyodor Shalyapin & Mikhail Bulgakov)

Boris Kustodiyev - Portrait of Fyodor Shalyapin, 1921.
Boris Kustodiev – Portrait of Fyodor Shalyapin, 1921.

‘You’re not Dostoyevsky,’ said the citizeness, who was getting muddled by Koroviev.

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The Square of Odessa Martyrs (Piazzale Martiri di Odessa)

Ceriano Laghetto

The Ceriano Laghetto (Monza, Italy) commune named a square in honour of the people who died in Odessa during the Nazi occupation and the victims of the 2014 Odessa massacre: Continue reading “The Square of Odessa Martyrs (Piazzale Martiri di Odessa)”

Why ‘#JeSuisDonbass’

Je Suis Donbass

People deserve to live whether they reside in France (‘First World’) or in Donbass (‘Third World’, used to be ‘Second World’).

That’s why #JeSuisDonbass.

That’s what’s going on in Donetsk (Donbass region) as Ukrainian army started massive shelling of residential areas:

Fear & Loathing in Las Ukras

Russian matryoshkaThis post was sponsored by a Russian drug cartel.


In Russia there’s a running joke about ‘British scientists‘ because many pseudo-scientific or yellow journalism articles (in Russia) refer to ‘British scientists’: “according to British scientists unicorns do eat marshmallow pies”. It looks like ‘British scientists’ will be accompanied by ‘British journalists’. Continue reading “Fear & Loathing in Las Ukras”