Scary number for a Russian.

Media Economy of Death, or #RussianLivesMatter too

Paris Attacks
Paris Attacks

…Other horrible news. Now from France. The Paris attacks brought memories of the Nord-Ost tragedy in Moscow… Continue reading “Media Economy of Death, or #RussianLivesMatter too”

Happy 868th Birthday, Moscow!

Apollinary Vasnetsov — Moscow Kremlin, 1897.
Apollinary Vasnetsov — Moscow Kremlin, 1897.

#Poll: Who Is Mr. #Snowden?

Snowden bust

While Snowden is snowed in at his snow den in Russia, his bust is was installed in NYCSo here’s the question: who is Mr. Snowden in your opinion?

Continue reading “#Poll: Who Is Mr. #Snowden?”

#SolarEclipse as Seen from Russia

Solar Eclipse 2015
Solar eclipse seen from space

I watched the solar eclipse through my sunglasses and photographic film but was unable to take a photo of it. That’s what I found online. Continue reading “#SolarEclipse as Seen from Russia”