“The Flight” (1970) – classic film based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s works

Film still from "The Flight" (1970) based on Mikhail Bulgakov's play
Film still from “The Flight” (1970) based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s works

“The Flight” (Бег, Beg) – a brilliant film based on Mikhail Bulgakov’s play under the same name and some other works (“The White Guard” and “Black Sea”) devoted to the Civil War in Russia, the flight of the White Army from Crimea and life of Russian emigration in Istanbul and Paris.
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Russian Romance from “Possessed by the Gold”

Inna Kmit

A Russian romance from the “Possessed by the Gold” (“Во Власти Золота”, “Vo Vlasti Zolota”) 1957 Soviet film directed by Ivan Pravov. Continue reading “Russian Romance from “Possessed by the Gold””

Yury Yakovlev

Yury Yakovlev (1928-2013), an extremely popular & talented Soviet & Russian actor, died today. Светлая память!*

Yury Yakovlev as Prince Myshkin
Yury Yakovlev as Prince Myshkin in Ivan Pyryev’s 1958 adaptation of The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

P.S. I advise you to watch one of the films where he starred – Kin-Dza-Dza [read the Plukanian language short vocabulary!] by Georgy Daneliya, 1986 (with English subtitles): Part 1 & Part 2.

*Svétlaya pámyat’ (literally: bright memory), i.e. blessed be his memory.

#Klyukvification: Representation of Russia(ns) in Western Popular Culture

Russian Stereotypes: Western Perception of Russia as seen through Russian’s eyes. Part II.

Ivan Bilibin, Illustration to the “Frog Princess (Tsarevna Frog)” [1].


It should be noted here that by ‘Western popular culture’ I mean mainly klyukvified* films which I see as a height of evolution of stereotypical Russian narrative in the West. This post doesn’t deconstruct the Russian stereotypes in Western (American) films in detail. There are too many of these films and it will take not a post but a book for me to cover only some of them. My aim is also to reveal generalized characteristics of Russian men’ images in the Western cinema. I’ll devote a separate post to the view of Russian women in the West.

The image of Russia in contemporary Western world is to a big degree shaped by the popular culture and is articulated in films, books, songs/music videos, ads and caricatures. Since the Cold War era (and earlier) cultural propaganda in the form of mass culture products helped to fix the image of Russia and Russians in the ways shown below.
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