Nyet Future: 2017 as Seen in 1960

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Post-ironic Neostalgia

'Guest from the Future' poster
‘Guest from the Future’ poster

 The phenomenon of Soviet nostalgia is effectively used in Western media and popular culture to position the Russians in a certain manner. This nostalgia mixed with self-orientalization by Russia’s useful idiots serves as a ferment for an easily digestible ‘analysis’. Obviously, Soviet nostalgia has little to do with the real historical Soviet Union and its society. It’s an idealized, ‘celestial’ version of it. Moreover, in order to be a part of this ostalgia one doesn’t have to be a socialist or communist. Continue reading “Post-ironic Neostalgia”

Viking (Trailer)

Can’t wait!

The Revenant by… Tarkovsky

#RussianProverb: Fear Has Big Eyes

Still from Viy 1967 2У страха глаза велики (u strákha glazá velikí).

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