Faberge Museum

Fabergé Museum

Faberge Museum

Photos from the Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg. I spent almost 4 hours there because I was carried away. See for yourself!

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Exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky - Manoeuvres of the Black Sea Fleet in 1849 (1886). Oil on canvas.
Ivan Aivazovsky – Manoeuvres of the Black Sea Fleet in 1849 (1886). Oil on canvas.

This Thursday I’ve finally visited the exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) in the Tretyakov Gallery devoted to the 200th anniversary of his birth. Continue reading “Exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky”

Portrait Medallions of Peter I & Catherine II

Peter I & Catherine II
Peter I & Catherine II

Portrait medallions of Peter the GreatCatherine the Great, 1775-1790s.

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Kunstkamera: Ancestors of Cheburashka & Leopold the Cat.

On my latest trip to Saint Petersburg I visited the Kunstkamera (again), the first Russian museum established by Peter the Great in 1718 (the construction continued until 1734). Of course, me & my friends took some photos inside the Kunstkamera. Continue reading “Kunstkamera: Ancestors of Cheburashka & Leopold the Cat.”

Russian Dali of German Descent? Exhibition: “The Mythmaking of Maks Haase”.

Exhibition of the Russian painter of German descent Maks Haase (1938-1998) took place in Moscow at the end of January/beginning of February at Kino Gallery. Besides paintings, the exhibition included the so-called ‘goreliens‘ (made of wool and acrylic) – Haase derived this word by combining the words ‘gorelief’ (‘high relief’ in Russian) + ‘gobelen’ (tapestry). Due to Haase’s strong interest in the unconscious, mythology, archetypes, etc., which was reflected in his works, and some similarities in his artistic manner with that of Salvador Dali I heard several people label him as the Russian Dali. Do you agree with this statement?