Normalizing Russophobia

Russia & the West.

Pt. X: Normalizing Russophobia

The Russian conspiracy theory in the US and the corresponding wave of Russomania in the West resulted in the normalization of the good old Russophobia. As I’ve previously stated, I think that the latter term is overused, but it’s relevant here – meaning the fear and/or hate of Russia and Russians. Continue reading “Normalizing Russophobia”

Russkies in the Sky with Diamonds

PCP (Putin's Cunning Plan)
PCP (Putin’s Cunning Plan)

The Russian Colonial Office approves of America’s mental colonization.

We come in peace! We just want your democracy!

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The Mystery of #Covfefe

Danila Trumpov is running his mouth. We need to take care of the situation, если вы понимаете о чём я… 🕵

Roadmap of Linguistic Cargo Cult


The Roadmap of Linguistic Cargo Cult:

1. Use non-Russian substitutes for words as often as possible, just transliterate them even when it’s not necessary (reverse Occam razor: entities must be multiplied beyond necessity).
1.1. Use non-Russian substitutes for words as often as possible, translating them into Russian. Continue reading “Roadmap of Linguistic Cargo Cult”

Weaponization of Conspiracy Theories

Russia & the West.

Pt. X: Weaponization of Conspiracy Theories.

Ptichka in ushanka
Ptichka in ushanka

Putin’s Cunning Plan is still making the rounds in the US and the West in general. Of course, it is used as a political tool to derail political opponents, but many people seem to genuinely believe in the #RussiansDidIt narrative. The idea that Russia weaponizes everything from information and data to migration (sic!) was expressed by Molly McKew in her latest Foreign Policy article.

Russia also weaponizes the Internet via hacking, thought process via argumentation, and poisons the well discourse, uses art as a means of soft power, etc. All this is done to win the billion-year hybrid war against the West.