Faberge Museum

Fabergé Museum

Faberge Museum

Photos from the Fabergé Museum in Saint Petersburg. I spent almost 4 hours there because I was carried away. See for yourself!

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Joseph Brodsky – On Ukrainian Independence

Joseph Brodsky
Joseph Brodsky

I’ve come across the best translation of this Brodsky’s poem by Artem Serebrennikov. Continue reading “Joseph Brodsky – On Ukrainian Independence”

The Art of Ad: Russia’s ‘Imperial’ Bank Ads

"Imperial' Bank

In the world where art turned into advertising, ads became art

Captain Obviov

I remember I used to watch the ‘Imperial’ bank (1990-1999) ads on Russian TV in the 90s. The bank is now as dead as Julius Caesar (RIP) but the ads remain. Here are the ones with English subtitles. Actually there’s more of them. Enjoy! Continue reading “The Art of Ad: Russia’s ‘Imperial’ Bank Ads”

Exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky

Ivan Aivazovsky - Manoeuvres of the Black Sea Fleet in 1849 (1886). Oil on canvas.
Ivan Aivazovsky – Manoeuvres of the Black Sea Fleet in 1849 (1886). Oil on canvas.

This Thursday I’ve finally visited the exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky (1817-1900) in the Tretyakov Gallery devoted to the 200th anniversary of his birth. Continue reading “Exhibition of Ivan Aivazovsky”

Lev Termen Plays the Termenvox

Lev Termen plays termenvox
Lev Termen plays termenvox

Russian inventor Lev Termen (Léon Theremin) of French/German descent who in 1920 created termenvox (aka theremin) among other things, plays the instrument:

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