Моя биография

My name is Sergey Armeyskov. I am a Candidate of Sciences in Culturology (cultural studies). I created Russian Universe back in March 2013 as a blog covering various topics – from art and culture to politics and history – from the Russian perspective, i.e. in relation to and through the lens of Russianness (the way I understand it).

In particular, I’m interested in Russian stereotypes in the West, Russia-West relations and mutual misconceptions.

I’ve been quoted in the mainstream media: Washington Post, Boston Globe, etc.

Dr. Robert A. Saunders quoted me in his book Popular Geopolitics & Nation Branding in the Post Soviet Realm, as well as Guy Mettan in Russie-Occident. I’ve also written a post for the Dr. Saunders’ blog on the E-International Relations website.

Prof. Paul Robinson quoted me several times in his Irrussianality blog. I’ve made it to the Johnson’s Russia List (the last entry mentions my post on #EsotericRussialism).

I appeared several times on the Life Elsewhere podcast where I was interviewed by Norman B.

I was interviewed by the ARD channel for their documentary film about modern Russia.

You can contact me via armeyskov84 at gmail dot com or simply send me a dm on Twitter.