RF Universe: The Path of Inlavan (Introduction)

The Path of Inlavan

The tale is a lie but there’s a hint in it, a lesson for fine lads. Alexander Pushkin, “The Tale of Golden Cockerel” (1835).

The Path of Inlavan (Introduction)

Welcome to the RF Universe!

Main Characters:

Yeskel Inlavan is the main hero and opponent of Rimidalv Veyabakk. Inlavan posseses a unique ability to see Aispurrok (evil emanations of Rimidalv; see Dzonlibadz below) everywhere, and avoid being put in the Galloogs – torture dungeons in the remote parts of the Aissur Empire – in the snowy Airebis or in the caves of Natsegard highlands. Members of the Doyn sect throw agnoyzil – green poison, used by Aissurains as an antiseptic (some of them even drink it insted of Aktovia; see Aktov  below), to diminish his power to see and destroy Aispurrok with his dzobkolps (magic warrior chants). Once the agnoyzil attack turned out to be successful, so it caused serious damage to Inlavan’s powers and made him escape to Otanatoia. Larebillis believe that one day he will return and free Aissuria from the rule of Rimidalv.

Rimidalv Veyabakk  the Supreme Dark Lord of the East, the Crusher of Aborek, the Bringer of Dzonlibadz and the Eternal Emperor of Aissuria. Larebillis think that he finds a perverted pleasure in threatening peaceful leaders and hard-working citizens of Otanatoia with the help of Ikivollis (see below), Doyns and secret psychic manipulators known as rekakhs. Rimidalv likes to address Aissurians via Roziveled (telepathic diamond box). Aissurians love Rimidalv despite everything and refer to him by his ceremonial name – Avoov (calling him Rimidalv is seen as too informal and those who use it in public are sentenced to 100 drubs with wooden sticks). Those who appear to not like him or like him not enough, which can be established by their feelings towards Aispurrok, are killed during Roziveled sessions on the central square of the capital city of Avgzom in front of the Nilmerk Castle. The Square is called Red because it is painted red every day by the blood of Veyabakk’s victims (the walls of the Castle are also anointed with blood).
Urtym Devdem –a right-hand man of Rimidalv Veyabakk and a very polarizing figure in Aissuria, hated both by Ikivollis, Doyns, Larebillis and common Aissurians. Rimidalv chose him, so he would pose no threat to his rule. Ikivollis and Doyns hate him because they see him as one of Larebillis. Larebillis treat him as a fake Otanatoian (they see themselves as the only real ones in Aissuria).  They are also mad at him due to their own mistake that he will be the next Eternal Emperor of Aissuria when Veyabakk appointed him as a Temporary Emperor. Common Aissurians hate Devdem due to his addiction to Otanatoian magic devices and expensive lifestyle.


Aissur Empire, or Aissuria – the land to the East of Otanatoia. Aissuria is ruled by Rimidalv Veyabakk from the Castle of Nilmerk. Generally speaking, the people of Assuria are slaves, priests, warriors and spies.

Otanatoia – the word itself can be translated from Otanatoian as the Lands of Shining Freedom. This word is banned in Aissuria. The recommended word is Aborek, which is a swear word (‘go to Aborek’, or simply – ‘to Aborek’ – are common obscenities among Aissurians). Anyone who says ‘Otanatoia’ is sent to a Galloog (not telling about this and other crimes is also punished by sending the victim to the Galloog, with the exception of disliking Rimidalv – see above).

Vechagrob the Destroyer crushed the Greater Aissurian Empire from the inside, thus, turning it into the Minor Aissurian Empire and helping to reunite the Otanatoian lands. The Emperor who took power from Vechagrob was Sirob Nizdley – a secret priest of the Aktov sect. His position in the Aktov sect was so high that it was believed that he not only saw the Divine Aktov Sea but was able to swim in it before his physical death. Sirob Nizdley chose Rimidalv as his gnimirp (successor) and gave the keys of the Nilmerk Castle to him because he believed that Veyabakk will take care of his family after his passing. Many Larebillis are sure that Rimidalv poisoned Sirob with Aktovia mixed with very rare colourless agnoyzil. Shortly after Nizdley’s death the new Eternal Emperor started a war with Namzar Vordag, a warrior lord of a little militant tribe that lives in the highland region of Natsegard near the border of the Aissur Empire. Sirob also tried to reconquer the land but he lost the war. Namzar and Rimidalv were foes but then became allies.


Doyn – a sect of religious fanatics who are the most dangerous enemies of Yeskel Inlavan. They believe that one day Niladz will return in the Diamond Zovorab (zovorab – bear chariot used by the dark knights of the Ikivollis order). Doyns’ principle of faith states that Rimidalv is a secret son of Niladz and that his ultimate plan is to conquer the world for his Dark Father, so that he could return and crush the Sun with his ice axe, which will mark The End of Times and will turn the world into the Eternal Dark Galloog.  The sect was officially banned by Rimidalv, but the majority of Doyns understood it as a desire of the Dark Son to keep his real origin unknown for some time.

Ikivollis order (or the Ikivollis Brotherhood) – spies, murderers and warriors of the ancient order of Ikivollis (Aissurian word, meaning ‘possessing power’, ‘powerful’, ‘strong’). The members of the Order are simply called Ikivollis. Many officials of Aissuria either come from the Brotherhood or are Larebillis.

Larebillis –  members of the Assembly of Noble Handshake-Worthy Citizens with Nice Faces. The Assembly is more or less an informal union, membership in which is prolonged or revoked at their meetings by other Larebillis who shake (or refuse to shake) the hand of a member and say the ritual phrase:

Your hand is as handshake-worthy as mine, and your face is as nice as mine.

Many Larebillis are bureaucrats, teachers, scientists, magicians, etc. They believe that they are the descendants of Otanatoians (spiritual if not biological). Although living in the Aissur Empire made them almost as cruel as Ikivollis, they do not see themselves as Aissurians, rather as a privileged caste, which describes their place in the complicated hierarchy of the Aissurian society pretty well.

Niladz (it can can be literally translated from Aissurian as He who will crush the Sun with an ice axe) – ambiguous deity of Aissurians. Niladz built the Ethereal Galloog for his most ardent followers and Infernal Galloog for his defamers. The tortures there are the same, but the torture from Niladz is seen as a gift by the believers. Moreover, Doyns believe that the truth was twisted by Otanatoians and Larebillis, and that it is the Ethereal Galloog that is prepared for his enemies (mainly Otanatoians, Larebillis and those whose belief in Niladz is not strong) and the Infernal Galloog – for the lucky ones. Of course, Larebillis do not worship Niladz, they fear and hate him, and worship the Celestial Otanatoia instead.

Dzonlibadz (same as Aispurrok), emanations of Rimidalv Veyabakk. According to the Doyn creed, Aispurrok (they use this word) comes not from Rimidalv but from Niladz himself who uses the body of the Eternal Emperor as a transmitter for emanations. Inlavan teaches that Aispurrok is present everywhere in Aissuria, but from childhood Aissurians are taught that what they feel (only Inlavan can see Aispurrok, still people can feel it as some sort of intimidating presence) is actually good, helping the society function through letting minor evil as a wall against the bigger one. For referring to Dzonlibadz as Aispurrok Aissurians are sent to Galloogs.

Aktov – a pantheist sect, members of which always deny that they belong to it. Aktovians believe that through drinking Aktovia or its much more cheaper and poisonous analogues they can reach the divine state of unity with the Universe and self called Ays-larzhan or Iokhub. Ikivollis like to chase Aktovians in this altered state of consciousness in their zovorabs, so that hungry bears could tear poor fellows to pieces. Such death is seen as a noble one among Aktovians and they call the victims the Martyrs of Ays-larzhan. In remembrance rituals they drink Aktovia while repeating the following mantra:

[Name] is bathing in the Divine Aktov Sea now, so do not mix your Aktovia with tears!

To be continued…

Any ideas?

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