Forgiveness Sunday

Boris Kustodiev - Maslenitsa. Oil on canvas, 1920.
Boris Kustodiev – Maslenitsa (1920). Oil on canvas.

Today is the last day of Maslenitsa – the Forgiveness Sunday. The Great Fast starts tomorrow.

Please forgive me, my fellow Internet dwellers, if I made a harsh joke somewhere or trolled the heck out of you. I guess I’m the walking stereotype of a non-pc Russian. It’s never really personal. It’s just how I roll.

Oh, and please forgive me, Samantha, for the names I called you. Probably, you are a decent person. That doesn’t mean I agree with you or endorse the position you promote in any way.


P.S. I’ve met the Lodia ensemble on my trip to Veliky Novgorod and was lucky enough to hear them live. Give the guys a sub and some views. They do deserve it.


Any ideas?

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