Trumputin (The New Yorker)
Trumputin (The New Yorker)
The term ‘Russophobia’ is overused nowadays. What we see in the media is induced – and contagious! – Russomania.

It’s not ‘Russophobia‘ because it’s not ‘phobia’ per se (although this element can also be present). It’s a mania, obsession with a conspiracy theory that #TheRussiansDidIt*, based on a belief with no solid proof. Finally, it’s a meme.

*it — this ‘it’ can mean literally anything: Brexit, Trump’s victory, DNC ‘hack’, etc.


2 thoughts on “Russomania

  1. Well, Obama is at the end of his term, so someone else has to take the blame for everything now. Putin’s got broad shoulders. He can cope with everything being his fault. Right?

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