The Sad News of #FakeNews

Time of Total Meltdown
Time of Total Meltdown

What actually surprises me in the Russian invasion meddling in the US elections conspiracy is that instead of aborting this intellectually lazy, gross and harmful arc (especially, after Trump’s victory), and analysing the reasons which led to this event, the reaction is to double down on the fakery:

Tighten up the ranks, comrades! The Russkies are trying to conquer us undermine our democracy!

I’m sure such mooduckspeak* and corresponding actions will have consequences but one can also blame these consequences on ‘ze Rushins’ and their secret tinfoil-penetrating rays. In Russia’s conspiracy-friendly circles it’s rather common to see Western elites as some sort of demigods involved in a cunning plan against Russia. It’s odd when major Western media outlets publish stuff mirroring Russian conspiracies.

*mooduck – a Russian slur, which can be translated as ‘dickhead’.

Any ideas?

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