Lev Termen Plays the Termenvox

Lev Termen plays termenvox
Lev Termen plays termenvox

Russian inventor Lev Termen (Léon Theremin) of French/German descent who in 1920 created termenvox (aka theremin) among other things, plays the instrument:


2 thoughts on “Lev Termen Plays the Termenvox

  1. Would you believe it, I actually knew this amazing gentleman. I organised his visit to my university with his granddaughter, he was playing and she danced to the music of termenvox. It was sensational, but very poorly attended due to a number of reasons, the main one being that the advert for this performance did not fit into the rigid rules of a simple communist ad – apparently, it was too “loud” for Soviet sensibilities and had to be chopped in half etc etc.

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