The (EcoNo)Mist of War

The Economist cover
The Economist cover

To paraphrase contemporary Russian writer Viktor Pelevin, the International Russian Conspiracy does exist – the problem is that the majority of adult population of Western liberal democracies is a part of it.

Stalin poster
Stalin poster

There is no need in any comments on such articles (they are perfect in their own sense):

Above all the West needs to keep its head. Russian interference in America’s presidential election merits measured retaliation. But the West can withstand such “active measures”. Russia does not pretend to offer the world an attractive ideology or vision. Instead its propaganda aims to discredit and erode universal liberal values by nurturing the idea that the West is just as corrupt as Russia, and that its political system is just as rigged. It wants to create a divided West that has lost faith in its ability to shape the world. In response, the West should be united and firm. Stand firm, comrades!

SukaThey know that Trump is a Russian!

Danila Trumpov
Danila Trumpov

Like I’ve already said:

Of course, there is Russian propaganda. The only problem is that all mainstream Western media spreads it 24/7 in the form of “anti-Russian propaganda”.

Being a Kremlin troll, I can only say: spasibo! 😎



Any ideas?

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