Russia as… the West

Russia & the West.

Pt. III: Russia as the West.


East or Best, Russia is West.

Captain Obviov, Lost Letters & Memoirs.

Some Western Russophiles and Russophilophobes love to elaborate on the question of Russia’s alleged non-Westerness:

“Have you seen balalaika? You can’t get more un-Western than that! And those kosovorotkas! The idea that someone can wear a skewed-collared shirt is so wonderfully exotic”.

As I see it, Russia doesn’t need the West’s approval or acceptance of Russia’s Westerness. In other words, no sanction to be Western is needed. Moreover, Russia is sanctioned by the West against being Western (at least in the media coverage & popular culture imagery). The West rather accepts an ‘imagined Russia’, the Orientalized caricature of Russia, than European Russia, the resurrection of which is seen – and rightfully so – as a threat to the post-Cold War status quo where quasi-colonial Russia plays the role of raw material appendage to the West.


It’s clear to me that the owners of the West® would file a ‘lawsuit’ if Russia really claims West without their (i.e. the old West’s) permission. Anyway, Russia has a part in the collective West’s heritage even if other heirs deny this right to her as an outsider.


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