Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk)

Volga river. Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk).

These are some of the photos & videos I took yesterday in Ulyanovsk (former Simbirsk). It was -23 °C (-27 °C in the evening).



13 thoughts on “Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk)

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      1. A friend of mine from Russia says that it is better in Siberia with -20° than here in Italy with 5-10°, because here there is a high humidity in winter. I’m not sure about it, and I hardly can afford cold at every latitude! XD But I agree with you that some Russian landscapes in winter are magic!! 🙂

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        1. Stella, that’s true! Snowy cold winter is ‘softer’ than not snowy and not cold one, and/or the one with high humidity… When everything is covered with snow which is sparkling in the Sun, it looks fantastic! It’s even better in reality than in the photos 😉

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