If the Horseshoe Fits, Wear It!


Let’s play a game: guess (without googling) which [country] this quote is referring to as well as the political standpoint of the author – (far-)left or (far-)right. You can also try to attribute the quote. Good luck!

It is yet the policy of [ruler], and of modern [country], whatever changes of name, seat and character the hostile power used may have undergone. [Ruler] is indeed the inventor of modern [country] policy, but he became so only by divesting the old [principality] method of encroachment of its merely local character and its accidental admixtures, by distilling it into an abstract formula, by generalising its purpose, and exalting its object from the overthrow of certain given limits of power to the aspiration of unlimited power. He metamorphosed [principality] into modern [country] by the generalisation of its system, not by the mere addition of some provinces. To resume, it is in the terrible and abject school of [ethnicity] slavery that [principality] was nursed and grew up. It gathered strength only by becoming a virtuoso in the craft of serfdom. Even when emancipated, [principality] continued to perform its traditional part of the slave as master. At length [ruler] coupled the political craft of the [ethnicity] slave with the proud aspiration of the [ethnicity] master to whom [conqueror] had, by will, bequeathed his conquest of the earth.


2 thoughts on “If the Horseshoe Fits, Wear It!

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