The 7th of November

Vitaly Komar - Lenin With Crown.
Vitaly Komar – Lenin with Crown.

Remember, remember!

The 7th of November,

The Bolshevik treason and plot;

I know of no reason

Why the Bolshevik treason

Should ever be forgot!..

Vitaly Komar - Landscape with Lenin's Tomb (Triptych).
Vitaly Komar – Landscape with Lenin’s Tomb (Triptych).

3 thoughts on “The 7th of November

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  3. Some former italian communists do not celebrate the 7th of November, but supports Mr. Putin, as if he could/should/wished-to grant them the victory over the capitalism which Soviet Russia was not able to achieve. That reminds me the old italian proverb “dagli amici mi guardi Dio, che dai nemici basto io” (roughly translatable into: “as for my friends, God forbid! as for my enemies, I can stand alone”).

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