Deconstrucracy, or Imaginary Fall of the Imaginary West

Russia & the West.

Pt. I: Deconstrucracy, or Imaginary Fall of the Imaginary West.

Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Autumn, 1573, oil on canvas, Muse du Louvre, Paris.
Giuseppe Arcimboldo – Autumn, 1573, oil on canvas, Muse du Louvre, Paris.

Russia & the West.

Pt. II: Crussialism, or the Eternal Fall.

Russia & the West.

Pt. II: Crussialism, or the Eternal Fall.

With the Syrian migrant crisis and Russia’s airstrikes against the IS all over the news, I would like to sum up the main viewpoints on the recent state of the collective West, which are popular in the ‘core’ Western countries and in Russia. These viewpoints are shown in relation to the migrant crisis but are not limited to it:

1. Conspiracy theory explanation: The West is reshaping the regions of the world and wants to establish a hyperglobalist world government. Cf. №3. Note: I use the term ‘conspiarcy theory’ in a neutral way. Although I do understand that it has become a logoepisteme. This umbrella term nowadays includes everything from Yetis-on-UFOs-rule-the-world to certain concepts labelled as conspiracy due to political reasons. It should be noted that there is a thin red line between the ‘New World Order‘ as a conspiracy theory and the ‘New World Order‘ as a political concept.

United States of Europe and America (USEA)
United States of Europe and America (USEA)

2. (Ir)rational explanation: The West failed on a global scale. Cf. №5. In the words of Russian prime minister (1992-98) Viktor Chernomyrdin, which became an instant classic: khoteli kak luchshe, a poluchilos’ kak vsegda, i.e. [we] wanted to do good but it turned out as usual.

3. Geopolitical explanation: Neocolonial agenda of redrawing the Greater Middle East (divide et impera). This point is close to №1 but is GMO ‘conspiracy’-free.

4. Mythological explanation: Eternal opposition between the West and the East (the Other). ‘Us’ vs. ‘them’ till the end.

5. Idealized/official explanation: The West knows exactly what it is doing – ‘bringing democracy’ – but sometimes the ‘forces of evil’ ruin Western plans.

If I missed something, you can list it in the comments.

For some time now I wanted to find or coin a ‘neutral’ term to characterize the current state of the West without being perceived as promoting a revised edition of anti-Westernism or the-Fall-of-the-West narrative. There was a Soviet-period Russian saying/running joke: the West may be rotting but it smells Chanel №5.

Finally, this term came to my mind (however, I think this view will still be positioned as ‘anti-Western’ due to recent Western political agenda) –

Deconstrucracy (from de + cōnstruō [construct, build] + krátos [power, rule]) is such practice of deconstruction being implemented in different spheres of human knowledge and activities that it becomes not a mere practice but a rule, not an option but an intellectual, political, social and cultural, etc., mainstream which suppresses any alternatives and, finally, results in a destruction of the original entity. Hence, the ultimate form of deconstrucracy can be referred to simply as destrucracy. In its turn, the ultimate stage of the latter should be the West completely de(con)structing itself. In other words, deconstrucracy is a limitless power of deconstruction after the deconstruction of [any] power.
Deconstrucratized Man
Deconstrucratized Man

If the world is a text, then it can be deconstructed: from countries to whole regions. Thus, deconstrucracy in politics and economics means disintegration of nation states, regime change and is closely tied to neocolonial agenda. Deconstrucracy in social and cultural spheres manifests itself via reshaping the foundations of classical Western civilization: traditional family and gender roles, Christianity as a historical basis of European cultural identity, etc.

Worldview of a Xenopatriot

To make a long (hi)story short, Russians had to deconstruct  their idea(lization) of the West – imaginary West – that they had. That’s the only ‘real’ Fall of the West that happened – the end of Western soft power hegemony in the collective worldview of post-Soviet Russians. Obviously, the Western powers have their own interests. Some of them may differ or even contradict Russian national interests (not to mention the US-EU contradictions and contradictions inside the EU). That’s completely normal. I find it very dangerous, if Russians en masse exchange their (former) idealization of the West for demonization of it. Russians should take the West for what it really is.

Furthermore, it is important for Russia not to follow or copy all the latest Western trends blindly à la late Soviet jeans-and-bubble-gum ‘cargo cult’ but to study the historical experience of Western countries. Unfortunately, Russia lacks many defence mechanisms which old Western countries have developed. Russia needs to restore its immune system because not everything that comes from the West is automatically good (for Russia). A handkerchief ‘there’ can turn into a pox blanket ‘here’ like it happened in 1917.

Future Kidult Riding on a P(h)ony
Future Kidult Riding on a P(h)ony

There is also a problem of differentiating ‘Westernism’ and ‘globalism’. The former cannot be limited to [imagined] geography only (it is another huge topic). Nowadays one cannot speak of the ‘West’ without keeping in mind ‘globalism’ and vice versa.

Of course, the West is not a monolithic entity (even the EU is not), so the more it needs the Other – be it ‘the East’ or Russia – to build and maintain the (all-)Western collective identity. In this context, immigration crisis, paradoxically enough, ensures not the blurring of the ‘historical West’ as an idea but quite the opposite – further assertion and reconstruction of the latter. Moreover, if we start deconstructing deconstrucracy itself, it can be seen that the West tries to consolidate its power (TTIP) instead of de(con)structing it. So this process can be viewed not as the ‘Fall of the West’ but – in the worst case scenario – as another Fall in the West. Just wait till the next season [of the global show]. The winter is coming…

To be continued.

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