The Russian Question

The Russian question for dummies
The Russian question for dummies

The two eternal Russian questions are as follows:

Who is to blame?


What shall we do?

But the ultimate Russian question in my humble opinion is:

Who am I?

It is this question which makes Russian literature so great. This question is universal, it transcends borders. Yet, it has a Russian flavour to it. It has always been urgent for Russians as a whole – in the 18th century as well as in the 21st. The answer has an ethnic and cultural dimension (identity building) but the philosophical one is just as important. The ‘collective’ answer is obvious. Russians are European, Slavic, Christian (and/or secular), etc.

The Western paradox, so to say, is that in order to be ‘Western’ for Russians (or for anybody else) one should not be afraid of not buying into what is positioned as ‘authentically Western’ by the brand/copyright holders of The West®. It should be noted – this rejection is not a rule but an option. In other words, you can use your PC without being too PC.

On the Internet, nobody knows you are a bear anyway.

Russian Question

“To bear or not to bear
The fact that I am a bear?”
This question posed by bear Lee
Could be answered but barely.



Any ideas?

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