The ‘Western Cunning Plan’ (in #Russia) & the ‘Russian Cunning Plan’ (in the #West)

cunning plan

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I’ve recently stumbled on several articles (published on BuzzFeed or something) in which their respected authors besides the general the-Russkies-are-coming Cold War 2.0 discourse articulated a statement that the collapse of the Soviet Union was actually… a Putin’s Russian cunning plan to re-shape Russia’s image as a peaceful and democratic country, then – take the best from the West (technologies, etc.), and in the form of the Trojan Horse Bear – finally – conquer the world. Oh, my stars and garters!

It’s a very common thing in the MSM to mock the Russians, especially their – our – love for conspiracy theories. This may be true in some or even many cases but it’s also hard to dismiss that the term ‘conspiracy theory’ itself became sort of a ‘dismissing label’. As the saying goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. The Russian history (especially of the 20th century) has taught Russians to be suspicious and prone to reading between the lines. Thus, just like the Western MSM journos/propagandists (and some of their Russian colleagues too) see the Putin’s cunning plan in every Russia-related topic, similarly, it’s not surprising that a number of Russians sees only the ‘Western cunning plan‘ in every process going on in the West.

What if the Western сunning plan is just a combination of the-grass-is-always-greener… sentiment with a standard Russian ±idealization of the West? What if the unicorns don’t eat marshmallow pies? What if they… don’t exist?! Is the unicorn denial a conspiracy theory?

6 thoughts on “The ‘Western Cunning Plan’ (in #Russia) & the ‘Russian Cunning Plan’ (in the #West)

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