Post-world: The Meaning of the End of Meaning

Post-world (Vacuum of Meaning), 2015.
Post-world (Vacuum of Meaning), 2015.

[Part 1]

Classic postmodernism cheered the end of metanarratives and started recycling the cultural heritage of previous epochs. In a post-postmodern world (post-world) the recycling of what has already been recycled is going on.

The post-world, as long as it is antropocentric, is (still) inclined towards metanarratives but there is a vacuum of Meaning and an ardent need for new positive Grand Narratives. The ones that are available are negative, i.e. anti-something — War on Drugs, War on Terror, etc. — or more or less local[ized] — identity politics: feminist movement, LGBT movement, etc. They are not built to become the next big thing for the whole humanity. The concept of ‘liberal democracy’ needs the image of an existential enemy (communism and more recently terrorism) and/or the Other (e.g., ‘the Russians‘) after the end of the end of history just like before the latter.

The wheel of rebirth information in the post-world is rotated by sensationalism and click-centrism: ‘sensation’ leads to more clicks, so the desire to get more views results in the fabrication of sensations; hence, the sensation factory of contemporary media (mainstream and independent alike). For example, to what extent was the term ‘post-world’ used in this post as the ‘postpostmodern world’ shorter substitute and — as a result of my belief that it will help my blog get more views? In the Twitterpedia era of SEO and SMM, it is purely ‘content’ that matters (the more clickable the better), not ‘text’ in the classical meaning. The Reader might be dead (murdered* with hyperinformation) but not the Editor and Content Curator. [*Murdered — in Russian the word ubity (убитый, i.e. murdered, killed, assassinated, slain) is also a slang term for ‘being under the influence of a drug’ (cf.: stoned).]

The type of society peculiar to the post-world can be characterised as a society of cosplay: people participate in the spectacle; they ‘view’ and ‘act’ at the same time. Moreover, not only do they cosplay heroes from films, books, computer and video games but certain metanarratives and their mixtures (myth x religion x political ideology economic theory x identity politics x etc.).

Who are you today? Where's your selfie stick?

There is no substance behind these roles and corresponding manifestations. It is not ‘for real’ but just for a [‘reality’] show [off].

If there is no Meaning, then everything is possible…

To be continued.


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