Ism Privilege

Anna Ignatieva – The Toll-House of Lust, 2012.
Anna Ignatieva – The Toll-House of Lust, 2012.

Captain Obviov:

ism privilege is a privilege of using ‘isms’ (lookism, ageism, etc.) against the opponent on the grounds of his/her supposed ‘privilege’ (whether ‘real’ or not) over the person – the subject of ism privilege – who can execute his/her ‘right’ of ‘oppressing’ the Other – the object of ism privilege – with an ‘oppressive’ label. Thus, a peculiar characteristic of the ism privilege discourse is that the discurive ‘oppressor’ positions the ‘oppressed’ as… the ‘oppressor’ (sic!).

Check your ism privilege, you dirty ist!

Professor Dowells Head


Comment from the Narrator:

this rant perfectly shows the inherent authoritarian mentality of Russians who will never rise to appreciate the pleasures of Real Democracy™. Standard Russian whataboutism mixed with po-mo trolling of such concepts as ‘political correctness‘ and ‘affirmative action‘ is another sign of a primordial Russian hate towards all things Western. These people got the word ‘progress’ wrong. The mere fact that they finally fired me speaks volumes! Captain Obviov is a well-known KGB agent, liar, sadist and egomaniac. He is no less than the embodiment of the Russian propaganda machine which everybody speaks of these days.


Comment from a random ist:

shut the f-word up, you are the real ist, you lying b-word!



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