Worldview of a Xenopatriot

Worldview of a Xenopatriot

I’ve just found a picture [this is my edit of Patriot’s version below] illustrating the views expressed on this blog: the West and Russia are the ideal Other for each other. It’s a mirror thing: be it ‘Russian reversals‘, ‘whataboutism‘ or ‘Russian/Western propaganda‘, etc.

Xenopatriotism’s symbol of faith is revealed in this proverb: the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Quasi-Colonial Facehugger
Quasi-Colonial Facehugger (Russian species) is one of the stages in the life cycle of Russia’s Xenopatriot. For more info click here.

A notable quote from Fyodor Tyutchev which I’ve already used several times:

It is possible to provide an analysis of the modern phenomenon which becomes increasingly pathological. It is Russophobia of some Russian people who are highly respected by the way. They used to tell us (and they really thought so) that what they hate about Russia is injustice, lack of freedom of press, etc. That’s why they love Europe so tenderly for it indisputably possesses all these features which are not present in Russia. And what do we see now? As Russia’s achieving greater freedom asserting itself more and more, these gentlemen’s dislike of Russia is only getting more intense. In contrast, we see that no violation of justice, morality and even civilization allowed in Europe does not reduce their predilection for the latter. In short, a phenomenon I’m referring to is all about instincts not principles and it is the nature of these instincts which should be sorted out.

P.S. The original pic.

Worldview of a Patriot
Worldview of a Patriot

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