Russian Proverbs about Bliny & #Maslenitsa

Boris Kustodiev - Maslenitsa, 1919.
Boris Kustodiev – Maslenitsa, 1919.

Russian Proverbs about Bliny (Pancakes) & Maslenitsa:

  1. One cannot bake (cook) a blin for the whole world. На весь мир не испечешь блин (na ves’ mir ne ispechyósh blin). Meaning: you cannot please everyone.
  2. The first blin is a lump. Первый блин комом (pérvy blin kómom). English equivalent: practice makes perfect.
  3. Like a blin over butter. Что блин по маслу (chto blin po máslu). Meaning: easily, without any effort.
  4. It is only bliny which are baked fast. Скоро только блины пекутся (skóro tól’ko bliný pekútsya). English equivalent: nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas.
  5. Not every day is Maslenitsa for a tomcat – there will be Great Lent. Не все коту Масленица, будет и Великий пост (ne vsyó kotú máslenitsa, búdet i velíky post). English equivalent: life’s not all beer and skittles; every day is not Sunday.
  6. It is not a life but Maslenitsa. Не житье, а масленица (ne zhit’yo, a máslenitsa). Meaning: said about well-being, good life, dolce vita.
  7. Maslenitsa is not Maslenitsa without bliny. A feast is not a feast without pirogi. Без блинов – не масленица, без пирогов – не праздник (bez blinóv – ne máslenitsa, bez pirogóv – ne prázdnik).

P.S. Apparently, a blin represents the Sun. Thus, it’s a solar symbol. Spring is coming!

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