Why ‘#JeSuisDonbass’

Je Suis Donbass

People deserve to live whether they reside in France (‘First World’) or in Donbass (‘Third World’, used to be ‘Second World’).

That’s why #JeSuisDonbass.

That’s what’s going on in Donetsk (Donbass region) as Ukrainian army started massive shelling of residential areas:


2 thoughts on “Why ‘#JeSuisDonbass’

    1. There are several reasons: 1) to alienate civilians from the DPR & LPR forces (it’s substantially a terrorist tactic: the more civilians die due to shelling & bombing by Ukrainian army, the more will probably feel negative towards the DPR & LPR forces as well – “you can’t protect us”), 2) to depopulate Donbass (which was annexed to Ukraine by Lenin in the early 1920s), i.e. to make ethnic Russian population flee, die or abandon their Russian identity (forced Ukrainization).


Any ideas?

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