Lost in Translation: W-word, or What about #Whataboutism?

Olympic Rings Sochi

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


I’ve said it earlier that Russia is the ideal Other for the West and vice versa. Hence, if there is Russian whataboutism why there can’t be an American/Western one?

What is called ‘American/Western double standards’ in Russia, in the United States/West is referred to as ‘Russian whataboutism’.

What about the practice of whataboutism itself which often lies in dismissing any Russian critique by labeling it as ‘whataboutism’ (codeword for ‘Russian propaganda’)? Isn’t this whataboutism whataboutistic indeed? Thus, the ‘winner’ is… who coined the term screams ‘whataboutism’ first.

Attention! Broad Generalization!!!

There’s one obvious thing which I’ve noticed in common between Russians and Americans – they love criticizing their governments and their policies but hating when someone else (especially Americans and Russians correspondingly) does it:

How dare you, greasy whataboutist w-word! Mind your own business!

P.S. This song was released in 1984, the year of my birth.

4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation: W-word, or What about #Whataboutism?

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