Black Spot Is Russia’s Best Friend

Black Spot

Russia has only two allies: its army and navy. Alexander III

There’s a joke in Russia that Russians should establish a monument to Barack Obama. It may sound paradoxical (due to sanctions, putting Russia in the list with such things as ebola and ISIL, etc.) but there’s a grain of truth in it. Helping someone part with his/her illusions is a precious gift. The risk is always there (life isn’t an insurance agency anyway) but don’t forget about the opportunities it brings. It’s time for Russia to focus on its real problems without seeking a patronizing ‘pat on the back’ from our ‘Western partners’. It’s also counterproductive to ‘blame the West’: this is how you become the ‘oppressed’, the ‘weak party’ and, finally, loose because you’ve already agreed with that role. Chance is black spot’s other name.

Any ideas?

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