Lost in Poshlost (Intro)

Klyukvification (Cranberrization) gif
Klyukvification (Cranberrization)

[watch the gif while listening to this tune for fuller effect] ➜


I used the word poshlost (poshlost’) in my posts a few times. For example:

There are specific (‘untranslatable’) Russian words/terms which have a mild mind altering effect on foreigners interested in dissecting the ‘zagadochnaya Russkaya dusha‘ – mysterious Russian soul. Vladimir Nabokov popularized the term ‘poshlost’‘ (in the form of ‘poshlust’) which imho perfectly describes this Western (quasi)colonial sentiment. When these words are said/read/etc. suddenly vodka drinking bears in ushankas with balalaikas start rotating around a Russia-curious person’s head.

Of course, self-quoting is a form of poshlost along with klyukvification (cranberrization). This gif file which I made can be considered ‘poshlost’ as well. In fact, our everyday life is stuffed with poshlost like a Christmas turkey (what a poshly comparison!). Thus, I’ve decided to create the poshlost category on Russian Universe. Just (not) to get lost in (posh)lost.




4 thoughts on “Lost in Poshlost (Intro)

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  2. Oh and a couple of months ago I went to see the Russian Imperial Ballet perform “Don Quixote”, which also got rapturous applause, so promote Russian cultural achievements and help dissolve current hostility.

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  3. Well a week ago I went to see the Russian National Dance Company perform “Kostroma” in Adelaide, South Australia.

    It was a wonderful show which got three standing ovations, as I recall happening with the Red Army Choir about forty years ago.

    Despite the Cold War, then, and renewed Russophobia now, there is a lot of good will in the ‘West’, so promote Russian folk dancing … it always works.

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